Oktober 2007

OCZ ProXStream 1000 W -

"With systems with multiple video cards requiring more power everyday, 1,000 W power supplies are becoming very common. OCZ has released a new 1,000 W product in the market, ProXStream 1000 W, targeted to power-hungry consumers that are willing to put three or four high-end video cards (this unit has four six-pin VGA power connectors) and several hard disk drives inside their systems.

3DConnexion SpaceNavigator -

"In this review we will be taking a look at 3DConnexion's six degrees of freedom controller called the
SpaceNavigator. This is the latest model in 3DConnexion's product lineup and it is aimed for, like they say on
the company's website: "for architects, artists, students and anyone else who wants to enjoy the 3D
experience." "

RaidSonic IB-361StUS-BL & Fantec MR-35US2 -

Bereits Mitte des Jahres testeten wir 4 externe Gehäuse für SATA-Festplatten. Damals hatten wir Gehäuse von Antec, RaidSonic und VIZO im Test. Da es diese externen Laufwerke mittlerweile von einigen Firmen zu erwerben gibt, erweitert sich der damalige Test heute um 2 weitere Exemplare. Fantec und erneut RaidSonic schicken hier 2 weitere Produkte ins Rennen, um die Gunst der Kunden zu gewinnen. Wie sich diese beiden Gehäuse im Test schlagen, erfahrt ihr hier bei uns im Test.

Cooler Master Cosmos RC-1000 -

"Cooler Master goes Mac?"...so abwegig ist dieser Vergleich zumindest optisch nicht, denn gewisse stylistische Anleihen sind unübersehbar. Ob nun gewollt oder nicht, sei mal dahingestellt, zumindest hebt sich das Cosmos wohltuend vom starren PC-Tower-Einerlei ab und sei es nur durch 4 Haltebügel. Schon sind wir mitten im Thema, Cooler Master möchte all diejenigen wachrütteln, die sich eventuell an den unzähligen Stacker-Varianten satt gesehen haben und trotzdem einen geräumigen und extravaganten Tower suchen.

Antec Veris Fusion Black HTPC -

"Overall, the Fusion is a good choice for a HTPC chassis. The front bezel has a very classy, A/V receiver look that will blend seamlessly amongst other home theater equipment. Having the ability to adjust fan speed is a nice feature since at the lowest setting they are practically silent while still moving enough air to keep the hardware cool. Plenty of vibration dampening features is present on both the inside and outside of the case to additionally keep noise to a minimum, and it all works very well."

Rosewill RDF-670B Digital Picture Frame -

Sure, there are ways to view your photos on the computer. You can
upload them to Flickr, email them to family members, or plaster them as
a desktop wallpaper. But what about when you actually have guests over
in your home? What about when you’re away from the computer? For times
like those, there is the Rosewill RDF-670B digital picture frame.

SoundGraph iMON Ultra Bay LCD Display -

"Earlier this year, I reviewed a multimedia LCD screen with remote. Well, now I'm reviewing another one, except this one has a little more pizzazz. The iMON Ultra Bay IR Receiver and LCD Display is the newest model made by SoundGraph, Inc. It is basically an upgraded version of SoundGraph's iMON VFD. The iMON Ultra Bay is twice as high as most LCD display screens, but don't let that frighten you.

Keeley Hazell Launches The Simpsons Game -

Keeley Hazell launched EA Games "The Simpsons Game" at the London Games Festival. A huge inflatable Homer was erected in front of Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square. The Simpsons Game will be released in all game formats on November 2nd.

After the unveiling Keeley retreated to a recreationgof "The Simpson's" living room where she played the game and answered questions from journalists.

Thermaltake DuOrb VGA Cooler -

"The summer was a bit rough this year here in Israel mostly thanks to global warming. The temperature keeps going up and up in my small town near Jerusalem, which forces the stock VGA cooler (hairdryer) to work harder. This of course raises the fan speed and noise level in our computer. This also increases your GPU’s temperature, and we all know that heat kills electronic components. I’m sick of the noise around here (Wars and VGA Coolers).

Win a Ben Heck AudioFX Pro 5+1 Headset -

Up for grabs in week nine of Bigbruin.com's Pro Football Pick 'Em is a Ben Heck AudioFX Pro 5+1 PC Gaming Headset provided by Crazy PC!